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Multi-day Tours

With magnificent temples all around us, it is easy to overlook the sheer beauty of the countryside around Siem Reap. The vivid colour of the rice fields and the genuine smiles of the local people make this a photographers dream location. This is also what makes it a great tour for non-photographers too.
I am offering a tailor made Real Cambodia Tour, for you and your party, whether it is for just one day or multiple days we will set the itinerary to suit you.
With so many places it’s difficult to narrow it down, but here is a suggestion for a:-3 Day Real Cambodia Tour, One day Temple and spending the night at villages.

Day 1- Pick up

Monks – even though this is not a temple tour you cannot come to Siem Reap without a photo of a monk. I will take you to a small tucked away temple where the monks pray each morning and giving blessings. A very special experience.

Rice Fields – capture the iconic images of the women working in the fields or the farmer ploughing with his oxen. The vivid green of the rice makes for a wonderful backdrop. Here you can get some stunning landscape shots of the real Cambodian countryside with their daily life working.
Lunch at a local Restaurant.

Kompong Khleang Floating Village – Situated an hour outside Siem Reap most tourists do not travel this far and that’s exactly why I like it. During the dry months we can drive through the village stopping to take photos and chat to the villagers. In the wet season we will take a small boat to navigate our way around the stilted houses.
Stay the night with local people at remote village.

Day 2

After breakfast with local family. The rural villages  There is always so much activity going on in the villages as people go about their daily lives.  Such great photo opportunities. I choose villages away from the tourist areas, so you may be a curiosity to the villagers, especially the children, who will greet you with smiles and laughter.

Lunch at a local Restaurant.

A leisurely Drive back to Siem Reap. I never know what we may see on route  but there is always so much going on that we stop many times to take photos.

Day 3

Sunrise – everyone wants the ironic sunrise photo of Angkor Wat and I am very happy to take you there; but if you wish to get something a bit different I know some gorgeous locations for stunning sunrise photos. Once the sun has risen we will stop for a well-earned breakfast.

Local Market – Everyday it is bustling with the locals buying their food for the day. Without refrigerators the food has to be bought fresh daily. It also tastes nicer like that. The market is a great place for street photography and portraits.

Chaov Sprey Vibol Temple – Here we can photograph the young monks walking around the temple ruins or sitting chatting to one another. The colorful ropes of the monks is a good contrast against the stone walls, it makes for very nice images.
Lunch at your hotel.

Photo Critique Afternoon Session – A great opportunity to share your experiences and photographs of the Tour and learn how to take your photography to the next level.

$ Tour Price

Price from $625

Price valid for two people. Inclusive transport, entrance fee for Kulen Waterfall,  drinking water, hot black coffee, hot tea, private tuitor and guide services.
(An option additional guests available)
Price excluded: Entrance fee for Angkor Wat, food, accommodation and your personal cost.

This itinerary is flexible. I can also put together a custom itinerary based on your specific needs or interests. Just CONTACT ME

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