Walk And Talk

One Day Tour

 Walk and Talk tour would bring you to the heart of Cambodia beside the ruin temples of Angkor Wat.

MORNING – Pick up at 7am by Remork Motor or Car

Our first stop is by the local  Market (Psar LoeMarket or Phsar Kroam) to see  real life of Cambodian selling on the street. The sights and sounds of the thriving market help you connect with Khmer life. We then take a Tuk-Tuk to a nearby village to experience everyday life. Watch local families at work making rice noodles, you can even help!
We will then stop at a Buddhist temple or school near the village, where  you can interact or even teach an English lesson or get water blessing

Break for lunch at a local Restaurant.

This afternoon, we take a drive in Remork Motor to Tonle Sap to see a village where the houses are constructed on stilts. We take a trip in a boat and get the opportunity to see Cambodian people living and working.
At  our last stop close to Siem Reap town we will stop and you can experience a local Khmer picnic!

Do you dare?

Eat Frogs, Crickets, Grasshoppers, Spiders and more? (This is voluntary!!, but you can take some amazing photos)

$ Tour Price

$119.5 per person. Minimum 2 people. Under 12 years old is free of charge.

Price inclusive  transport, lunch at a local restaurant, private boat for floating village, drinking water, hot black coffee, hot tea, private tutor and guide services. Children under 12 years old uncharge (Upgrades and option for additional guests available)

This itinerary is flexible. I can also put together a custom itinerary based on your specific needs or interests. Just CONTACT ME

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