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Hello, My name is Kimleng. I was born in Takéo Province, along the border with Vietnam. Takéo is sometimes referred to as ‘the cradle of the Khmer civilization. In 2000, I moved to Siem Reap, to work as a tuk-tuk driver. Over time, I met many professional photographers from around the world, people who were seeking something more unique and authentic than the well-worn tourist trails. I developed a series of tours throughout Angkor that catered to their particular interests. My curiosity grew as I watched these photographers at work, and I began to practice photography myself. Since 2005, I have been tutored by a number of Western tutors, and have gone on to establish myself as a well-known professional photographer in Cambodia.

I would very much like to share my expertise in both photography and the temples with you. Whether you are a complete beginner shooting in auto or a seasoned photographer, I can assist you. I can show you the best locations, away from crowds, and give you tips on how to capture the magnificent images of my beautiful country. I am happy to help you with settings, compositions, and lighting and I guarantee that anyone who comes to me shooting in auto, will leave using manual or semi-manual modes! I want you to go home not with touristy photos, but with beautiful authentic images to enhance your happy memories of Cambodia.

You will see when you visit, that Cambodian people do not understand that plastic rubbish does not simply go away. You will see rubbish everywhere – it is a real problem, especially plastic. During covid, when no tourists could visit, we had no income and schools were closed and I knew I needed to help teach local kids English if they are to ever get a job.  I also knew I wanted to educate locals about rubbish, so I charged the kids in ‘rubbish’ to come to school.  I set up Rubbish School.  And the BBC made a short film about Rubbish School!!   

When you tour with me, I donate 15% of my wages to help fund Rubbish School. 

Thank you and I look forward to sharing Siem Reap with you. 🙂 


Born in a village 25 kilometers from Angkor Wat (the largest religious structure in the world), education was not a priority. My parents made the huge decision to send me to city for a better education and opportunity. Stepping into the city, I realized becoming a tour guide was my dream job. To archive this goal, I work diligently to study the history and master relevant languages especially English.

After completing my education, I work in the Tourism industry where I gain much experience tailoring tours to satisfy the need of the travelers. As a license tour guide, I have planned and guide visitors from all over the world for over a decade. Along with the knowledge of the history of my country. I am also a professional photographer who study the top photographer in Cambodia. I would love to share my visual perspective to the world, especially my guests. Join me for the unforgettable experience packed with the history and culture of my country, Cambodia. Leave with wonderful photos that will preserve your memory for a lifetime.

Our transport services

Transport Services

We offer a variety of transport options including car (Toyota High Lander) or local Remok Moto (also known as a Tuk-Tuk) both suitable for 1-2 people. We always make sure our clients have enough space for camera bags, tripods and any other additional accessories. For groups of 3 -6 people, we suggest our AC Van with 15 seats and for groups between 7-12 people we offer a coaster van which provides 25 seats.

If you’re looking for a specific transport mode not mentioned above, please reach out as we would love to help create a custom photography tour for your exact needs. Contact me !

Mr. Poy Narin

Poy Narin is one of our main drivers. Narin is a professional driver with an official drivers license. Guests often comment on how helpful Narin is during our Photography Tour. Narin will frequently suggest pit stops along the tour if he sees something interesting while driving; he’s our team’s second set of eyes while exploring the Cambodian countryside.

Mr. Toch Sith

Toch Sith is also know by his nickname, Thor. Thor has been our great Van driver for last several years. He always welcomes guests with a smile, is helpful and he also has a great eye for photography. Thor is happy to stop wherever we want for photo taking and he loves talking to people make them smile.

Khmer phrases

Transport Services

If you are planning to have a trip to Cambodia, learning some Khmer phrases and words is advisable. Although there are Cambodians who speak English, there are situations that you will be needing to use their language. Here are some essential words and phrases that may come in handy:

English Phrases Khmer Phrases
Hello Susadei
Goodbye Lee hi
Thank you ar koon
How are you? soks-a-bye/ tau neak sok sapbaiy jea teh
Stop here, please som chop tini
Where’s the toilet/bathroom? bâng-kôn ​nŏuv aina?
Delicious chhngang
How much does this cost? nih thlai bonman?
Help! jouy khnom porng!
What is your name? Ta neak chhmos ey?
My name is... Khnom chhmos...
Smile , please nhonhem mouy
A little closer khet chit knea bantich
Uncle lokpou
Aunt anakming
older sister bangsrei
younger sister baaunsrei
older brother bangbros
younger brother baaunbros
Can I take your picture? som tort mouy ban ort?
very beautiful Sa-art Nas
eat nhoam
Drink water Phoek Tuk
Eat rice Nheabay
Very hot Ktao nah
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