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The largest khmer empire building Angkor Wat Temple

Cambodia is much more than just Angkor Wat, and for photographers it offers a rich and fascinating array of subject matter. It’s an extraordinary place to visit and photograph, and no one on the planet is better suited to help you capture it than Cambodia’s own Kimleng Sang.

“Leng” has been leading photo trips in his homeland for over a decade now, with hundreds of very positive reviews that share a frequent theme – his deep knowledge, warm and personable nature, and willingness to go the extra mile for that next unique image opportunity. Leng understands very well what international photographers are looking for, and at the same time has many an unexpected surprise up his sleeve! His network of friends all over the country provide him with the latest local happenings, as well as the type of access that would be impossible for foreigners to get on their own.


Learn more about all the tours I offer. From one-day excursions to multi-day adventures; temple tours and off-the-beaten-path treks through the countryside. If you would prefer a tailored tour, I can provide a custom quote for your specific needs.

Children having fun on the boat south of Siem Reap town at Phnom kram village

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What people are saying

“My son and I booked a 3 day photo tour with Kimleng in mid-January. It was a fabulous experience, which took us to locations and artifacts the other tours miss, and walking on our own we wouldn’t have found. He is professional, courteous, on time, and a knowledgeable tour leader and a good photographer. He works equally well with beginners or experts, and takes you to less visited sites when the light is right.

Whether you want touring or photography, Kimleng knows the lay of the land and can take you to places where other tours do not go. His car is clean, his driver is good, and he is well worth the money. We only had 3 days in Siem Reap but Kimleng kept us on schedule and dropped us at the airport after shooting sunset at Angkor Wat. As I start post-processing I cannot praise him enough when I see the monks who he had pose for us for an hour or so.

Thank you Kimleng for the exceptional service and experience.”

– Bill & Mike

I have been a photography tour guide since 2005 and know Siem Reap like the back of my hand. Let me help craft the perfect tour for you and your group. I look forward to your visit to this beautiful country.

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